05 Jul 2019
Botswana Housing Corporation (BHC) launched its first ever housing development project in Tutume in August 2019. 
The Minister of Infrastructure and Housing Development, Vincent Seretse officially opened the low-income houses, which number 50 in total and are located in Magapatona ward. 
The units consist of three and two bedroomed units, complete with modern fittings to suit the needs of customers. 
Giving an overview of the project, BHC CEO Reginald Motswaiso revealed it took just over 20 months to complete at a cost of P31.5 million. 
“The decision to build those houses was informed by a demand survey we conducted previously which established there was need for accommodation, especially in the public service,” explained Motswaiso, who stressed BHC are driven to restoring the dignity of Batswana by providing appropriate accommodation solutions. 
We are gathered here not only to celebrate the completion of the accommodation value chain but to empower first time prospects and Batswana in general to take up this opportunity,” he said. 
The CEO, who announced the project had created 136 jobs for the local community, went on to say, “We want to enable those who will be occupying these houses to do so with ease knowing they will be settling into a fully established neighbourhood with all the amenities to make their lives much easier. 
Motswaiso further revealed BHC has engaged several government departments in a bid to encourage them to purchase houses for their staff. 
“The response from those we have engaged has been great and we believe that since the project is now complete we will be concluding the sale of some units in the next few weeks,” he added. 
For his part, delivering the keynote address, Minister Seretse declared the government’s commitment to ensuring housing development projects are inclusive and spread across the country. 
He noted the project would become an integral part of Tutume’s landscape and ease the constituency’s accommodation challenges. 
“These housing units will greatly contribute to making Tutume an attractive place for investment,” stated Seretse, who praised BHC for its efforts to house Batswana despite tight budgetary constraints and a depressed rental market. 
The houses were built by citizen owned construction company, Image Civil Engineering.