24 Jul 2017

In its quest to accommodate Batswana from the low to the high income households, the Corporation has been working tirelessly to meet all the demands of Batswana with its different housing initiatives aimed at empowering them.

The introduction of social housing schemes like SHHA Turnkey, IPS and Youth Housing are designed to help Batswana access affordable housing. Low income households which are currently renting from BHC now have the opportunity to purchase their rented units through the newly introduced Tenant Purchase Scheme. The middle and the high income households are also offered an opportunity to purchase their current rented houses outright by acquiring mortgage loans from financial institutions available in Botswana.

The introduction of the Youth Housing Scheme entails provision of the high density and multi residential units for the youth and first time home owners earning between P3, 000 and P7, 000. The first 750 units are currently being constructed in Ledumang in Gaborone North.
The Corporation recently honored an invitation to make a presentation to the Ministry of International Affairs & Cooperation employees who had shown interest in purchasing available properties in and around Gaborone.

The Ministry has officers who are based abroad and are often disadvantaged when it comes to property acquisition opportunities as they don’t get to access any advertisements for houses available in the market. The Corporation shared with the Ministry employees its sales processes, properties on offer and other different schemes available.

When taking on the questions and comment regarding the average sizes of the rooms, BHC Senior Estates Officer, Mr. Keithusitse Ookeditse said the Corporation has had to address the issue as it was a major distress to most of its prospects. He said with all the new developments, the Corporation has adjusted sizes in the plans to address this. He also mentioned that when the Corporation makes plans for new developments it makes a provision for mixed development incorporating different types of houses to cater for various categories of customers.
The Corporation currently does not receive subventions from the Government for the development of its internal projects. It borrows from Capital and Financial Markets to finance a majority of its developments. The pricing of houses is based on a cost recovery model which enables the Corporation to continue on its quest to accommodate more Batswana going forward.