28 Aug 2017

The Minister of Infrastructure and Housing Development, Honourable Nonofho Molefhi recently went on a familiarization tour of a densification project at Suites Flats at Gaborone West Phase IV. The tour forms part of the country wide tour of various projects under the Ministry’s portfolio. A few weeks earlier the Minister got a chance visit the Instalment Purchase Scheme and Youth Housing Project as well as other densification projects in Middle Star and Broadhurst respectively.

At the densification project at Suites Flats in G/West Phase IV, the Corporation’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr Reginald Motswaiso took the Minister through a project brief to share what the project entails as well as progress to date. He said that the project comprise 138 housing units divided in to two projects of 60 and 78 two and three beds units both awarded to Hitecon Construction Company at a cost of P63.4 Million and P52.9 Million respectively. He shared that the first project comprising the 78 units, which is 9 weeks ahead of schedule commenced in September 2016 and will be completed in April 2018. “The second project comprising 60 units which is three weeks ahead of schedule was started in May 2017 and it is expected that it will completed in September 2018.

The Chief Executive Officer said that Suites Flats has 300 old units comprising 25 blocks, however upon completion of the new units the area will be subdivided in to 10 sections. The new units comprise modern furnishes and each section will have a boundary wall, guard houses and a management house. Mr Motswaiso also shared that the Corporation plans to refurbish the old units once the new ones are complete. The Minister had a chance to walk around the new developments to appreciate the works as well as view the units which are almost complete.


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