11 Mar 2022

The effects of the Covid 19 pandemic has left more people and communities all over the country needing more assistance in community related projects. Matlhakola community recently approached Botswana Housing Corporation, which then donated printing equipment worth P10,000 to the Village Development Committee. The handover ceremony was held at Matlhakola Kgotla recently.
Speaking at the donation handover event last week, the Village Development Committee Chairperson Ms. Kesia Abel shared that their wish was to create an extra source of income which will be used towards the village development initiatives. She said that they wrote to the BHC Palapye Office requesting for assistance in expanding their income generating streams for community related projects. 
When handing over  BHC Palapye Area Office Manager, Mr. Khumoetsile Bagai told the gathering that the Corporation has a Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative with which it identifies worthy causes to donate towards. 
“The VDC wrote to our office requesting for assistance and our CSR committee did an assessment to determine the worthiness upon which a recommendation was made”. Mr. Bagai divulged adding that they had a budget provision of P10,000 of which they decided to purchase the printer/ photocopier, toner and printing papers with for the VDC. 
He said that every year the Corporation receives requests from various communities around the country, which are assessed and then donations made. “The Corporation through its value of BOTHO is committed to ensuring that it extends a helping hand in communities it operates in throughout the country”. Shared Mr. Bagai. He further said that this is done in recognition of Government’s effort towards uplifting communities around the country.  He further said that Government already is constrained as more of its funds have been diverted towards fighting the Covid-19 pandemic. 
When concluding his remarks, Mr. Bagai urged the VDC to utilize the printer/ photocopier for its intended purpose and to also take good care of it to increase its lifespan. When receiving the donation from BHC on behalf of the VDC, the Chairperson Ms. Abel, said she was humbled by the good gesture expressed by Botswana Housing Corporation noting that the donation would cultivate a good relationship between the two entities. He applauded the Corporation for extending a helping hand particularly to their community amongst many others that they could have gone to. 
As a growing village with a small population of around 1000 citizens, Matlhakola village lacks many amenities. The donation by BHC not only bridges the gap, but will go a long way in benefiting villagers who otherwise have to travel to Palapye for such services. 
The donation handover ceremony was graced by among others, the village leadership including Kgosi Phobetsi, village elders, the Village Development Committee, BHC management and staff.