BHC Signs Shareholder Performance Agreement with MIH

27 May 2021

Shareholder Compact between Botswana Housing Corporation and The Ministry Of Infrastructure and Housing Development was signed last week by the Minister of Infrastructure and Housing Development, Honourable Dr. Thapelo Matsheka and the BHC Board Chairperson Ms. Sithabile Mathe. The Shareholder Compact is based on the subject to the provisions of the ACT and BHC’s Policies which collectively set out the mandate, objectives and functions of BHC including the powers of the Board. The active policies require the Corporation to develop a detailed plan of the housing development and state management in consultation with stakeholders.

To this end BHC has developed a strategic plan for a period of 2020 to 2023. the strategic plan set performance targets for the Corporation, the Shareholder Compact clearly states the parameters of the relationship between the Shareholder and BHC Board. It articulates the Shareholder’s expectations, setting performance targets and monitoring of performance as indicated in the specific plan.

The Shareholder Compact was developed a couple of years ago and because of the changes have occurred over the years in deliverables it has to be amended to take account of the changes.