Strategic Planning

Our Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG)

“A roof over every Motswana by 2023”

In the year 2023, the BHC will have been in existence for 50 years. The Corporation today stands proud in the many achievements it has made since its inception in 1973. Appointing the BHC as the Single Housing Authority gives the Corporation an added opportunity to demonstrate leadership in the provision of housing solutions for the nation.

The Corporation has therefore set itself a big, hairy audacious goal (BHAG) of seeing that there is “a roof over every Motswana by 2023”. The Corporation strongly advocates for decent housing – and so, in its quest to realise this BHAG, the Corporation will urge all players in the property development arena (including itself) to ensure that all shelter erected on behalf of citizens of the country continues to reflect the high standards the BHC has always set itself.

Whilst fully recognising the need and the importance of involving other players, the Corporation will not ‘shy away’ from the leadership role that it must take in driving this endeavour. The BHC will therefore identify all critical stakeholders and collectively devise plans that will drive the achievement of this goal.

Strategic Themes

Drive Financial Sustainability

This strategic theme seeks to place the Corporation on a path of financial sustainability by proactively managing and leveraging the key drivers of revenue maximisation and cost optimization.

Shareholder Relationship Management

This strategic theme area seeks to drive the advocacy role and to guide decisions made by Government (parent Ministry, Cabinet, etc) regarding the Corporation.

Drive Single Housing Authority Mandate

This strategic theme seeks to fully exploit the opportunities presented through the Single Housing Authority mandate.

Position brand & products

This strategic theme seeks to position BHC’s brand and products to actively influence and change market perceptions to position BHC products as affordable, of quality and as value for money products.

Optimise Organizational Efficiency

This strategic theme seeks optimize organisational efficiency by managing resources optimally, delivering projects efficiently and effectively and generally reducing /eliminating inefficiencies across the organization’s value chain.

High Performance Culture

This strategic theme seeks to build a high performance culture in the organization by creating an accountable and results-driven environment amongst the existing pool of skilled staff.


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