The BHC Business Case

BHC provides a mixture of low, medium, and high income houses. These houses   are for sale and some are for rent. Since its establishment in 1970, BHC has so far delivered almost 25 000 houses to Batswana. Atleast 14 422 houses of the 25 336 houses have been sold to Batswana while the remaining 10 662 are rented out to citizens.

Analysis of portfolio by property type

Property TypeNo. of UnitsPercentage
Medium cost houses6,04726%
Low cost houses13,45449%
High cost houses2,23211%
Total25 336100%

The Corporation’s assets have also grown from R6 548 855 in 1972 to over two billion pula (P2 billion) by April 30, 2015.

BHC Products and services

Products (houses for sale and houses for rent)

Houses for sale

The Corporation offers outright sale of housing units and financing facilities through the Tenant Purchase Scheme and Step Ownership Scheme. Both schemes were suspended for some time. The Tenant Purchase Scheme  has been re-introduced  and is expected  to be in motion by August this year following finalization of the Corporation’s Loans  Management System and approval of interest rate by the Ministry. So far 14 422 houses have been sold to Batswana.

Analysis of BHC Properties sold to Batswana to date

CategoryNumber of housing Units
Outright - Conventional Titles8,865
Tenant Purchase Scheme4,932
Step Ownership Scheme252
Outright - Sectional Titles643
Total 14 422

Houses for rent

So far 10 662 have been rented out (leased) to Batswana.

BHC Properties rented.

Tenant TypeNo. Of UnitsPercentage
Companies  523   5.29%
Staff members  114   1.15%
Local Authorities  473   4.78%
Individuals2,714  27.45%
Government4,469  45.20%
Grand total9,887    100%

BHC Services

The Corporation provides maintenance services and professional services. BHC has expertise in the following areas:  Architecture, Civil and Structural Services,Quantity Surveying, Building Inspectorate through its External Projects Department. BHC also provides Project Management services before construction (pre-contract) and during construction (post-contract) for third parties such as Botswana Police, BURS  and Botswana Defence Force. In this arrangement BHC charges fees for the services. 


The Corporation is committed to driving its financial sustainability. The Corporation proactively manages its finances in a bid to maximise its revenue and cost optimisation. Since cessation of PDSF loans to parastatals in 1990, the Corporation raises   money from financial markets through Bonds and other means. It does not draw subversion funds from government. Hence, reduced dependence on government for funding.