Customer Care Service

The Customer Care function was introduced in 2008 following the organizational restructuring. The function is charged with the responsibility to primarily manage the relationship between the Corporation and its customers, management of the outsourced call centre, Research and Development and the reception and management of escalated queries. 

In an effort to align its efforts to the long term Customer service objectives of the Corporation, the function pledge to work hard on maintaining existing customers, develop capacity to accommodate the increased customer base anticipated in 2009 – 2016 Strategic plan, enhance Customer Satisfaction at BHC and most importantly contribute towards efforts directed on leveraging the corporation’s corporate image. 

In order to have an intimate knowledge of our Customers, the Customers have been has segmented according to individual and corporate segments and dedicated outreach programs have been developed to reach out to the specific segments and individual elements within the segments. All these efforts are directed towards creating a positive customer experience and encourage more Batswana to be more attracted to the corporation’s products. 

A number relationship management tools have been adopted and are used interchangeably to help us get closer and know more about our customers and have a data base that carries all the necessary details of our customers. The tools include but not limited to the following;

  • Research and Development
  • Outsourced Call centre
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Service Level Agreements with key customers
  • An up-to-date Customer Data Base
  • Account Profiles
  • Tenant meetings
  • Customer days 
  • Corporate Events
  • Planned and Regular Customer Visits

You may contact the BHC Customer Care Unit at:
3605100 or

The BHC Call Centre

The call Center facility was introduced as one of the customer centric initiatives. It is expected to provide up-to-the-minute customer support with regard to all maintenance reports, to process in coming customer enquiries and queries as well as to provide a dominant customer interface platform. 

The facility was launched on the 01st of April 2008. Customers are expected to report and make enquiries on matters relating to maintenance of their rented houses as well as complaints and Sales enquiries. 

To contact us, BTC fixed line users may dial 1167 while mobile users may dial 3159902. The call Centre agents will receive and process all calls and enquires from customers and ensure that they are assisted accordingly.

Effective from the launch date, customers will no longer have to contact any of the Corporation’s offices for matters relating to maintenance. 

Please contact us with all your maintenance requirements, Complaints and/or Sales enquiries at:

1167, or
Tel: +267 3159902
Fax: +267 3186482

All  Departments

Turnaround Times/warranty periods

Standard waiting period

5 minutes

Acknowledgement of walk in customers by reception


Written correspondence


Response to written correspondence (include letters, fax and email)


1 working day


5 working days

Defects Liability Period (DLP) AND Warranty on equipment/materials

Turnaround Times/warranty periods

Defects Liability Period (DLP)

Means a set period of time after a construction project has been completed during which a contractor has the right to return to the site to remedy defects on a house.

DLP is 1 year

Defects are categorized into Emergency, Urgent and Normal.

Emergency relates to life threatening defects or those that have substantial financial implications

Urgent relates to major but non-life threatening defects

Normal relates to minor defects in the home









Within 24 hours

Within 5 days

Within 2 weeks

Warranty on equipment/materials in the home

Roof Covering


Termite infestation

Roof Trusses



Valid for 1 year or substantive rain

Supplier warranty excluding element

5yrs from final completion / handover

supplier warranty

Latent Defects (structural defects)

Refers to defects on the structure i.e. cracks that can become visible over time

Within 10 years from final completion / handover


Request for house drawings (architectural plans)

within 3 days of request


Lease Management

Turnaround Times/warranty periods

High density areas waste collection

Once every week

Pest and insect control

5 working days

Customer account statement

Once every quarter ( for post and email)

Refundable deposit

30 calendar days

Cheque application for various claims

7 days

Rent Offer

Includes the vetting process, committee sitting etc


14 days

Contracting of the lease

1 working lease

Lease termination

I month notice


Time taken to remedy breach

14 days

Occupation (new tenancy) will be given

  • Customers will be given a welcome pack

1 working day

Change of tenancy joint inspection (for institution)

5 days

Cleaning of high density areas


Tenant/Stakeholder interaction

Once a year (different localities)

Removal of abandoned items within the Corporation rented units or plots

1 month

Property Sales

Turnaround Times/warranty periods

Scheme notification

1 month

Option of first refusal

3 months

Sales application vetting

5 days

Joint inspection/selection of property ( done with customer)

2 days

Sales contract

Within 2 days of receipt of undertaking/payment

Transfer of title

Signed documents to be released within 5 days of receipt of documents

Acknowledgement of payment

1 day from date of payment

Handover of the house ( includes customer pack and keys)

1 day from receipt of payment/proof of payment

Security deposit refund

30 days from sales date

Association annual general meeting

60 days from date of first transfer

TPS Loan-book

Customer statements

Balance request

Loan clearance



Payment of suppliers

Rental payment


Every 3 months

1 day from date of request

5th working day of the following month after clearance

Monthly in arrears

30 days from date of clearance

30 days from receipt of invoice

Monthly in advance

Maintenance Services

Turnaround Times/warranty periods

Emergency reports

Within 24 hours (from the moment a call is logged)

Urgent reports

Within 3 days

Normal reports

Within 10 days

Notification of chargeable maintenance

During inspection and in the presence of customer

Provide cost estimate for repairs

Immediately after inspection

Issuing a customer with chargeable maintenance invoice

30 days from date of chargeable maintenance notification

Quality checks on repairs carried out

Within 5 days from completion of work

Cycle maintenance

Every 5 years

Contractor Identification: Identity document with BHC logo, work order and reference number.

All maintenance requests must be registered with our 24/7 Call center facility at the following contacts:

Tel: 3159902

Or : 1167 Land lines only


Turnaround Times/warranty periods



Response to emails (

1 day

Within 7 days 

Instant (auto response)






1 day

Within 5 days

Office Hours Mid-week

Morning:    07:30 – 12:30

Afternoon: 13:45 – 16:30

Cash office Hours: Midweek

08:00 – 15:00

Cash Office Hours: Weekend

08:00 – 11:30