Maintaining Your BHC Home

The Corporation is responsible for maintenance of your leased BHC house for your comfort and enjoyment as well as to its restore value. When moving into a BHC house it is important to make note of all defects and omissions and ensure that they resolved before the lease agreement is signed off.

It is the responsibility of the tenant to insure their personal belongings against burglary, fire and any other natural calamities. Maintenance faults are reported through the BHC Call Centre on telephone 1167 (From the BTCL Landline only) and telephone 315-9902. As a tenant you are advised to insist on a reference number as well as making you know the date and time you reported maintenance faults. Once maintenance work to your leased house has been completed you will be required to sign the Works Order to verify that you are satisfied with what was being done in your leased house. You are advised not to sign if the work is incomplete or if you are not satisfied with what was being done in your leased house.

Routine Repairs

Most of our repairs are carried out as unplanned maintenance. Your leased house is cycle maintained after every five years. For example major maintenance works/ repairs are done every five years and we often carry out a survey/audit of leased houses prior to this to determine which ones need to be cycle maintained.

Tenants are usually notified in advance before any planned maintenance work for ease of access to their leased houses as well as to ascertain if they require any additional maintenance works.

If there are any maintenance works required outside this planned maintenance cycle, tenants are advised to contact the BHC Call Center on (Tel: 315-9902 cell/landline or 1167 landline only) whereupon the following information will be required in order for them to be assisted

  • Tenant’s name and plot number.
  • The nature of the problem giving as much detail as possible to determine the urgency.
  • Convenient/ suitable times to send in someone to resolve maintenance query.

Chargeable Maintenance Items

  • Damaged roof tiles/sheet caused by installation of satellite dish
  • Ceiling holes and dirty/ peeling wall plaster due to installation of alarm system
  • Missing dust bin (without police report)
  • Dirty walls if less than 3 year last painted
  • Broken windows
  • Damaged gates due to careless driving
  • Light shades missing either wall or ceiling
  • Burnt sockets except kitchen (only burnt not fault switch)
  • Blockages sewer and toilets
  • Vandalized properties
  • Door Locks and cupboard locks only when there are missing keys
  • Sink/bath/hand wash basin plug or stopper
  • Toilet seat covers
  • Damaged curtain rails
  • Missing towel rail/toilet roll holder
  • Broken hand basin
  • Broken toilet pan
  • Burnt Formica tops
  • Vandalized doors
  • Painting to make good
  • Barrel bolts
  • Not exhaustive

Reports Categories


(Safety, Health, Economic) i.e. falling ceiling, overflowing/blocked manholes and water leakages) to be attended within 24hr of reporting.


Comprise faulty door locks, flickering fluorescent etc. to be attended within 72hrs of reporting.


Ceiling and wall stains to be attended within 10 days or reporting

Chargeable Maintenance

All reports/faults due to negligence by the tenant are considered chargeable and these include all blockages, broken window panes and burnt socket outlets etc.