Strategic Planning

Botswana Housing Corporation (BHC) was established by an Act of Parliament No. 75 of 1970. BHC is under the Ministry of Infrastructure and Housing Development. The BHC is mandated:
a) to provide for the housing, office and other building needs of the Government and local authorities;
b) to provide for, and to assist and to make arrangements for other persons to meet the requirements of paragraph (a);
c) to undertake and carry out, and to make arrangements for other persons to undertake, and carry out building schemes in Botswana. 
The core activities of the Corporation centre around property development and management (sales, leasing and maintenance) and project management services. In 2010, the Government, through a Presidential Directive, declared BHC a Single Housing Authority (SiHA) under the umbrella of the BHC Act. This declaration transformed the Corporation into an organisation where all public sector housing initiatives and programmes are consolidated and implemented as directed and/or prioritized by Government. This effectively broadened the scope of the Corporation’s mandate. However, the Corporation continues to build houses for sale to the public in order to support citizen home ownership outside of the Government housing programmes. 
Amongst the current and proposed housing programmes being implemented are:
a) Low Income Housing Programme – Turnkey Housing Development Scheme and Self Help Housing Agency (SHHA);
b) Public Officers Housing Programme – District Housing Programme and Public Officers Housing Initiative;
c) Upper/Lower Income Housing Scheme – Instalment Purchase Scheme/ and Tenant Purchase Scheme (IPS/TPS); and
d) Third Party Development Projects.
The approach of assigning these programmes to the Corporation has been incremental, but also includes responses to needs as and when directed by Government. This does not only pose challenges in planning and resource allocation but also creates opportunities for BHC.  
The Corporation currently operates in alignment with the dictates of the 2017 – 2023 corporate strategy, which is in the third year of implementation. BHC found it imperative to reflect on its performance to date and draw insights from the lessons learnt from the first half of the strategic planning period.
BHC came to a shared understanding that the vision, mission and values were still relevant and provided direction as a good representation of the Corporation’s core business. The strategic intent, which was previously not included as part of BHC’s foundations was therefore added and is included below. 
The strategic intent was based on understanding the BHC mandate which constituted being a Single Housing Authority (SiHA) was quite audacious. Therefore, the following strategic intent statement was positioned:
“To provide 12,300 safe, dignified and sustainable houses for Batswana by 2023.”
This statement clearly depicts how BHC will achieve its vision.  It describes very concisely a key goal the Corporation intends to achieve, by when and its outcome during a defined period of time. The 12,300 houses target to be delivered was informed by the current average delivery rate of approximately 2000 social and commercial units per annum. The following descriptors apply:
Safe – underpin safety considerations in project delivery and the development of safe communities;
Dignified – provide decent and comfortable housing across all consumer segments; and
Sustainable – environmentally friendly and promotes affordable living principles. 
The strategic intent will be premised on the following assumptions: 
a) All social housing projects will be funded by Government; 
b) Government will provide serviced land to ensure continued delivery of housing units as per the BHC mandate; 
c) Government will create an environment which enables BHC to deliver as a shareholder by providing adequate and timely funding for social housing and provision of serviced land; 
d) Local authorities, utility providers and other key stakeholders across BHC’s delivery value chain will be engaged to ensure continued delivery;
e) BHC will create and leverage strategic relationships with the aim of promoting co-creation to accelerate delivery;  and 
f) The BHC outsourcing model will be fully implemented and optimised.