Requirements To Buy

General Conditions

  • BHC sells only to citizens and citizen controlled companies ( ≥ 51% share-holding)
  • Only first time buyers shall be considered, spouse jointly counted. Applicants who have already purchased form BHC, spouse jointly counted, shall only be considered where there would be no offers from first time buyers. 
  • Applicants indebted to BHC will not be eligible for offer
  • Applicants must pass BHC vetting processes in order to be considered
  • Applicants shall be required to complete BHC Application Form


  • Certified copy of Omang, plus spouse’s if married
  • Certified copy of Naturalization Certificate, if born outside Botswana 
  • Certified copy of Marriage Certificate, if married
  • Financier’s letter stating how much mortgage qualified for
  • Recent Bank statements as proof of sufficient funds, if self-financing
  • Affidavit declaring that applicant, and spouse, if married, have not purchased BHC property before
  • Spouse’s consent letter
  • Pay slip


  • Certified copy of Certificate of Incorporation
  • Certified copies of share certificates 
  • Certified copy of Form 2
  • Certified copies of shareholders IDs (and naturalization certificates)
  • Affidavit declaring properties purchased from BHC
  • Financial reference/Bank statement
  • Company resolution on purchase of BHC property