Why does my TPS/SOS account reflect arrears even though I pay monthly instalments?
This happens when;
  • Monthly instalments are not paid in full.
  • Instalments were not paid at some point.
  • Payment of instalments is done after month end.
  • Instalments paid do not cover VAT on admin charges.
  • Unreferenced/incorrect referenced stop-orders
Can I transfer the house I am buying through TPS/SOS to someone else?

Yes. Rights can be ceded to family members who have to satisfy BHC's eligibility and credit vetting. The parties should however take note that "transfer of land and cessions of real rights therein shall follow the sequence of the successive transactions in pursuance of which they are made…."

When will BHC start selling flats and townhouses?

BHC has started selling flats and town houses through Sectional Titles. The implementation started with the 64 flats at Block 9, Gaborone. However, the selling of same countrywide shall be done on a "roll out" basis.

Can I buy a BHC house I find vacant?

No. BHC does not directly allocate any vacant houses for sale. Vacant houses are sometimes sold by tender.

Do the BHC prices cover Financiers & Conveyancer’s fees?

The prices consist of the actual BHC selling price and Value Added Tax only. Financier's, conveyancer’s and any other costs, including penalties on title transfer, especially for TPS/SOS sales, shall be borne by the buyer.

What is a sale agreement?
It is a contract between the purchaser and a seller which sets out the terms and conditions of a sale.
Are BHC prices negotiable?

No. The prices are determined by professionals and based on valuation and costs.  Note that no discount shall be made because a tenant has been paying rent for a long time!

What is the procedure of buying a BHC house?

Tenanted  Housing Units

  • Tenants submit certified copies of Omang, marriage certificate (if married, with spouse's Omang), financial reference and affidavit declaring whether the applicant has purchased a BHC house before or not.
  • BHC vets the tenant and allows him/her to complete application form and pay admnistration fee if he/she has passed the vetting.
  • BHC values and offers the property.
  • The financier brings letter of undertaking (or tenant pays) before signing a sale agreement.
  • The conveyancer transfers the title deed, the buyer bearing the costs.

New Housing Units 

  • BHC advertises the housing units earmarked for sale through the media.
  • Customers view the housing units if they choose to.
  • Customers submit requirements, same as for tenanted housing units.
  • BHC vets the applicant, and allows him/her to complete application form and choose a unit, and then offer on first come first served basis.
  • The rest of the process is as per tenanted housing units thereafter.


  • BHC advertises houses available for sale by tender through the media
  • Customers submit sealed envelopes with requirements same as for tenanted housing units, with completed application form and administration fee payment receipt.
  • BHC evaluates the tender and offers to the successful and eligible bidders as per the tender terms.
  • The rest of the process is as per tenanted housing units thereafter.
NB: Customers can be assisted in all the sales processes at all BHC Offices   countrywide, save for tender where applicants have to deposit sealed bids at a specific office. 
What does Property Sales Department do?
The Department focuses on selling its housing stock on outright basis, instalment schemes (currently suspended), management of in-house schemes, sales through sectional titles, tender and private treaty, assessment of the environment for growth opportunities or disengagement, collection and analysis of property data from the market and price determination. 
Where exactly is the BHC Call Centre located and who do I see if I fail to get help at the Call Centre.

The BHC Call Center is situated in Gaborone. If you do not help from the call Centre within a specified period; you may lodge a complaint with the Customer Care at telephone 360 5100.

Do you have newsletter to update tenants and the public on current issues and projects?

BHC has a quarterly newsletter called MoLwapeng, which is available at all BHC offices and also on the website.

Does BHC have a website?

BHC does have a website, accessible at www.bhc.bw

What is your Customer Call Centre Phone Number? Is there a toll free number?

Call (+267)31559902 or 1167, there is no toll free number. 

There are big trees in front of my house that I want BHC to trim since they pose danger to the property. Who is responsible for the cost of trimming those trees?

A tenant is required to report to BHC in order for an inspection to be carried out. Under no circumstances should a tree be cut because you do not like it. BHC will establish the danger imposed and advice on the cause of action to be taken.

Who is responsible for the cost of maintenance between BHC and its tenants?

Both tenant and BHC are responsible for maintenance as per the lease agreement signed. The Landlord (BHC) and tenant obligations are stipulated on the lease agreement.

If I know someone who is on rental arrears; can I clear them and rent out/ take over tenancy?

The Corporation does not allow that, the due legal process is followed to recover the outstanding arrears from those who default, and if the house is repossessed, it is disposed off according to the corporation’s laid down procedures.