01 Apr 2022
BHC recently graced Liswaani I JSS Maduo celebration that was held at the school compound in Kachikau. The school was celebrating its remarkable and steady performance in the Junior Certificate Examination results.
For the past five years the school has been making progress in the results with the past year managing to achieve 48.1% quality pass compared to 38.5% in 2020. This means that the school has achieved a Value Addition (VA) of 9.6% from the previous results.
Following a successful donation last year of new lockers and maintenance of school dormitories, the Corporation was honored to come and celebrate the improved results and support educational initiative of the great villages of Kachikau, Kavimba, Parakarungu, Satau and Mabele in the Chobe enclave.
As part of the celebration, the Corporation further donated six computers with basic software, a printer and 40 school bags for the students. When give a keynote address, BHC’s Acing Deputy CEO – Corporate Services, Ms. Samantha Chabata commended the school for the results, which she said when they learnt about at BHC they were very excited about, following what has been incredibly difficult and challenging two years for everyone.
"When we saw your steady improvement in your the results for the past six years, we became filled with hope, because education is a stepping stone for the development of our country and for the future of our children." She said.
Ms. Chabata further implored teachers and support staff to continue with the sterling job and not be discouraged and drop the ball as what they are doing is being recognized out there.
She also encouraged students to study hard for the betterment of their lives in future.
In her conclusion, she delightfully declared to the audience that was jubilantly cheering to her speech that upon hearing about the results of the school that has become so dear to the BHC family, the Senior Leadership Team contributed money from their pockets to buy congratulatory tokens for the top three students. The tokens included blankets and toiletry products that she later handed over to the students accompanied by certificates of appreciation for both students and the school.
In his welcome remarks, the School Head, Mr. Frank Mahulela said their school has been making improvement in each year's results. He said although they did not meet the national target of 50%, he made an appeal to BHC through the Government advocacy for adopt a school initiative to consider adopting their school as there are still challenges that limit their efforts.
Acting Director of Regional Operations (Ministry of Basic Education, Mr. Elija Motlhabi applauded BHC for the assistance they made to the school and also appealed to BHC to adopt the school and continue to offer assistance where the Government cannot.
Kgosi Lawrence Liswaani Sinvula III also commended the school and implored all stakeholders to take part in today' education system. He hailed BHC for what they are doing to the school and implored the two to make a never-ending friendship.