18 Jun 2021
Last week the BHC/BOPEU Joint Negotiations and Consultative Committee reached a key milestone as part contribution towards normalizing labor relations between the two parties. The signing of the Collective Labour Agreement is negotiated by the trade union and employers, with a specific focus on trying to define benefits and rights of the employees.
The CLA signing comes hardly over a year after the recognition of BOPEU as a representative of BHC employees in labor related matters. The relationship follows the dissolution of BHCWU to pave way for a relocation to BOPEU.
The signing was attended by BOPEU President M. Mogwera, the first Deputy President O. Monakwe, Head of Organising K. Monakwe and other JNCC members. On the employer’s side, BHC was represented by the Acting CEO P. Sefawe and DCEO Operations N. Maten